Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

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Many folks are probably finding themselves investing in good sets of headphones lately, because you’d be surprised at just how noisy working from home can be. Thanks to Avantree and the Aria Me over-ear headphones, you can get all of the premium features one might expect from a very expensive set of headphones, all for just $135 (with coupon code) on Amazon.

I first heard about these headphones back in early May, with Avantree asking me if I’d like to review them for the site. Considering how much I use headphones in my personal day-to-day, but also for the Droid Life podcast and my other YouTube channel, I jumped at the opportunity. Believe me, anytime you can try out a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation, you say “yes.”

The headphones arrived in July, and when they showed up at the door, I had completely forgotten they were coming. I assume COVID-19 had a hand in delaying their shipping, but regardless, I’ve been using them for a solid 2 weeks now and I have feelings about them.

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

ANC is the Only Way

I love active noise cancellation. I remember when people used to fly on airplanes and having ANC was so clutch. I suspect if planes are still a thing down the road, you’ll want a pair of headphones or earbuds with ANC. These headphones do have it and it works pretty darn well. Even with no airplane in my near future, ANC has still been fine when walking the dogs and when recording recording music. I simply flip the switch, have those nosy frequencies zeroed out, then take it away to a click track.

Optimized for Each User

Here’s where this set of headphones can differ from others. Using the dedicated Avantree app, users can create a personalized hearing profile to calibrate the headphones’ audio. This is done because Avantree states that this set of headphones can be ideal for users 45 and over or for those with mild/moderate hearing impairment. To create a profile, you’ll go through what’s essentially a trimmed down hearing test, which is a set of whistles and beeps in each ear. After creating my own profile, I could hear slight changes in the higher frequencies, likely because I’ve been brutalizing my eardrums with metal music the past 15 years.

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

Sound Quality

While I can say these aren’t the best sounding headphones I’ve experienced, I can say they sound good for what they are. Technically, these aren’t designed to produce ultra bass and stunning highs. To me, they’re designed to offer a more natural listening experience for those who take a lot of phone calls and wear headphones many hours out of the day. Sometimes when you bump up treble and bass on an EQ, it can become taxing on the ears. With this flatter sound, I could see myself listening for longer periods, but I bring this up because again, I think these headphones are designed for a different kind of user than myself. I want punishing bass with plenty of attack. I want crisp highs with plenty of detail. These headphones are more for podcasts and phone calls, which plays into my next section perfectly.

Detachable Boom Mic

As I said, these headphones offer okay sound when I’m listening to my music, but when taking a call and using the detachable boom mic, you can see what these headphones are designed for. People can hear me great with the mic and when you take into the account the tuning the drivers have for spoken word, voices over a call ring very clear. I’ve done a couple guitar lessons via Zoom with these headphones and it was great.

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

Other Notes

  • There’s a charging stand: Instead of having yet another cable out of my wall with the headphones just laying somewhere, this set of headphones comes with a nice little charging stand. There’s an LED indicator to let you know when they’re charging, too. If you need to charge via a cable, the set does come with a USB charging cable.
  • Comfort: These headphones feel good on my head and have plenty of adjustability.
  • Battery life: I never had a battery issue. According to the product description, the headphones will last up to 24 hours, but I suspect that doesn’t take ANC usage into account. Regardless, I don’t think you’d have any issues using them for a few hours, even with ANC active.
  • Dedicated button for Google Assistant: There’s a dedicated button to access whatever voice assistant you like. If you’re on iOS, it’ll be Siri. If you’re on Android, it’ll be Google Assistant.

If you want a cool set of headphones, ideal for all of your Zoom and Google Meet calls, follow the link below. Save $15 when you use the below code, exclusive to Droid Life readers.

Amazon Link – $135 (Code: J3BEE75R)

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135 Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

Avantree Headphones Offer ANC, Dope Charging Stand at $135

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