Coronavirus continues to change the Play Store charts

Last month we analyzed how the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work, study, and communicate and the impact it had on apps people download. Interestingly, as people have been on lockdown for more than a month, the trends are continuing to evolve. We’ve compared the top charts from the end of February, March, and April and compiled the results below.

Just like last month, we used data from App Annie for February 27, March 27, and April 27, to remain consistent. We focused our analysis on apps exclusively, and therefore excluded games. Lastly, we’ve separated free and paid apps and looked at both the top 10 for each section, as well as the overall trends.

 End of FebEnd of MarEnd of Apr
1Your Phone CompanionZoomZoom
2Android AutoTikTokTikTok
3TikTokNews BreakHouseparty
5MessengerGoogle ClassroomWish
6IRS2GoWhatsAppCash App
7Android System WebViewHangouts MeetInstagram
8SnapchatMessengerGoogle Meet
9WhatsAppMicrosoft TeamsNetflix
10Cash AppInstagramWhatsApp

Zoom has been the most downloaded free app since March and naturally remains as popular in the charts, given it’s widely used by organizations to run meetings, webinars, and classes. More surprisingly, Google Classroom is now at the 34th position in the list, while it was 5th last month. Microsoft Teams is also down to being number 29, versus ninth last month. This doesn’t necessarily mean the apps aren’t used anymore, but since an important number of users has already downloaded them back then to go through their work or school day, they wouldn’t need to install them again.

There are a few newcomers to the game, though, as Houseparty, DoorDash, and Wish just made it to the top five; hinting people are turning to more interactive ways to keep in touch, order food, and shop. Lastly, Cash App just made it back to the top 10 after being missing from the chart for a month, although this may not necessarily be linked to the pandemic.

 End of FebEnd of MarEnd of Apr
1BraintossXtraMathDroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro
2HotSchedulesDroidCamX Wireless Webcam ProScanner Radio Pro – Fire and Police Scanner
3Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung WatchScanner Radio Pro – Fire and Police ScannerSkyView Explore the Universe
4Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)The Wonder Weeks vs 9Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
5TouchRetouchTiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc ScanNavigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch
6Nova Launcher PrimeNavigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung WatchFL Studio Mobile
7The Wonder Weeks vs 9Plague Inc: Scenario CreatorQMAP
8TaskerFL Studio MobileCE5 Contact
9FL Studio MobileVideo & TV Cast | Ultimate EditionThe Wonder Weeks vs 9
10Magnificat Lenten 2020Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)TouchRetouch

This chart is looking more like a mix between the pre-pandemic figures and the ones from the last two months. For example, XtraMath is now down to the 72nd position, while apps like Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car), which monitors your car’s vitals using a Bluetooth adapter, and Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch, are growing in popularity, despite the lockdown.

Some apps are new to the chart, including SkyView Explore the Universe and CE5 Contact, leading me to believe some people are trying to move to another, potentially virus-free, planet. QMAP, an app to keep track of QAnon drops, has also made it to the top 10, while it was number 15 last month. TouchRetouch, a photo editing tool, is back to the chart, after dropping to the 14th position last month.

 End of FebEnd of MarEnd of May
1Disney+Disney+Google One
2Google OneGoogle OneDisney+
8TurboTax Tax Return AppFacebookBIGO LIVE
10BIGO LIVEBumbleTango

Grossing charts haven’t changed much this month, though. The only noticeable addition here is MeetMe, which grew from being the 15th most growing at the end of February to the ninth at the end of April.

Similar to last month, news and food delivery apps have been gaining popularity. For instance, Shop moved from being the 43rd most downloaded one to the 14th. Similarly, Grubhub, Mercari, and Wayfair joined the top 25 chart, while they weren’t even part of the 50 at the end end of February.

In last month’s analysis, we also noticed Spotify and YouTube Music had decreased in popularity. They’re now back on track, as they’re the 37th and 23rd most installed ones, respectively. An interesting burst is SiriusXM, which wasn’t even part of the top 100, and is now the 13th most downloaded app on the Play Store. This can easily be explained by the decision to offer the entire Premier streaming lineup for free, encouraging a lot more people to download the app.

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