Dark Sky, This is Probably the Real End

Unless they have another change of heart and extend, Dark Sky for Android will shut down tomorrow, August 1.

The popular weather app that Apple purchased and originally planned to kill on July 1 was given a month extension the last time we hit this end-of-life deadline. So far, they have not said that we’ll get another one. That means you finally need to decide on a Dark Sky alternative.

As a reminder, Dark Sky the app is going away, but not the Dark Sky weather API that so many apps get their weather info from. The API is sticking around for other apps to use until the end of 2021, so you have a good year+ to continue to get its hyper-local information with quick weather alerts.

Of course, we already put together a list of weather apps that you should consider starting tomorrow. We like Appy Weather here at DL, but Overdop is another really nice weather app, plus Shadow Weather will give you a similar look and feel to Dark Sky.

Dark Sky said last month that subscribers who remain active through today will get a full refund.

Have you settled on an alternative? Maybe something we didn’t mention? Let folks know in those comments.

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