eMotive is bringing affordable electric motorcycles and scooters to the mainstream.

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  • eMotive is bringing affordable electric motorcycles and scooters to the mainstream.

Electric is here to stay whether some people want it or not. But one thing for certain is everybody is out to capitalize the most profitable way since it’s still a fad. There’s one company that is trying to change all of that.

eMotive Vehicles is an electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturer in the USA that has premium products for a fraction of what others are selling theirs for. For example, Harley with their Livewire motorcycle. This bike will set you back almost $30,000. That’s what we call a premium.

eMotive, on the other hand, has a motorcycle they call the Stealth:

Stealth Electric Motorcycle
The eMotive Stealth is powerful, sexy, AND affordable.

Not only is this bike incredibly sexy, it actually pulls its weight. While the specs aren’t nearly the same as the Livewire, it is still “highway-ready” with a top speed of 65MPH and a range of 80 miles. The price, however, is actually affordable starting at around $8k. That’s 70% less than a Livewire. These are figures that we like to see!

That’s not the only product they have either. Their lineup consists of a bunch of incredible looking scooters. Our personal favorite is the “Switch”, which is dubbed “The World’s First Super Scooter” by eMotive themselves. It features over 6KW of power in a Vespa-sized package which pulls the front right off the ground under full acceleration. Yep, that’s one hell of a scooter – and downright affordable too, with a price tag of around $5k after discounts.

So now that electric is here to stay, you might as well start looking for a product that is actually affordable. We give eMotive two thumbs up for providing America with sexy, affordable electric vehicles!


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