Galaxy S22 screen size could be the smallest in years

Is someone really listening up there? Have our incessant pleas for the return of sensible phone sizes finally been heard? Some recent rumors sure have us wondering as much. And we’re not talking about the return of some explicitly petite series like Sony’s Xperia Compact line, either — there’s increasing evidence of a trend towards the smaller for one of Android’s most prominent flagship families.

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S21 series offered us a 6.8-inch Ultra model, a 6.7-inch “+” variant, and a base 6.1-inch option. Last year things were bigger still, with a 6.2-inch S20 (pictured, top) as the smallest screen size offered.


— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 17, 2021

According to this latest rumor, the upcoming Galaxy S22 may continue to shrink things down even further, and give us a 6.06-inch display that’s ever so smaller than the S21.

We also get what seems to be corroboration of another rumored change in the pint-sized direction, with Ice universe also attempting to confirm reports of the S22 going with a 3700mAh-rated battery, down from 4000mAh in the S21.

Now, will a sub-one-inch reduction in screen dimensions contribute to any meaningful impact so far as the impression you get of the phone’s size goes? That sounds like far from a certainty, but with phones as big as they are now (and seemingly only getting bigger), those of us still carrying a torch for the days of more reserved phone design will take any hint of movement away from the jumbo-phone trend that we can get.

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