Gboard adds support for automatic dark theme switching in latest beta

Google introduced system level dark theme last year with the Android 10 release, but not all app developers have gotten on board — not even Google’s own default keyboard app. Signs of a change came in an app teardown last week. Now, the latest beta update shows us that Gboard is testing new keyboard theme options that support automatic light/dark mode switching based on the current system theme.

In version of the Gboard beta, users will be able to choose between three new default themes: default light, default dark, and system auto. Selecting the “system auto” option presents a message saying that the appearance will follow system settings — no more blindingly bright typing in the dark! There are plenty of other tweaks including the addition of the Google Sans typeface.

Gboard adds support for automatic dark theme switching in latest beta Gboard adds support for automatic dark theme switching in latest beta

Until now, Gboard would follow the system theme only if you had never customized the keyboard’s look. Even something as basic as adding borders around the keys would stop the app from switching when nighttime rolled around. Thankfully, this upcoming update will fix these frustrations, but it’s still kind of annoying that the stock Pixel keyboard had only been supporting a Pixel system feature via hacky workarounds.

You can join the Gboard beta program now, or keep an eye on APK Mirror for the APK to show up.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

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