Get a Free Pixel 5 From Verizon

Hey, want a free Pixel 5 to go alongside the Pixel 5 you were already planning to buy from Verizon? Then do we have the BOGO deal for you! Well, Verizon does…we don’t…do the deals, we just share them.

In a buy one, get one free offer, Verizon will give you a second Pixel 5 as long as you meet several requirements.

You first need to buy a Pixel 5 on a 24-month contract and lock yourself into an Above, Beyond, Do More, Play More, or Get More unlimited plan. If you can meet that, then to get the second Pixel 5 for free you’ll add a new line, also buy it on a 24-month contract, and use it on one of those same plans I just listed.

Of course, because this is a Verizon contract, they will give you the value of the “free” phone each month through a bill credit that is applied over 24 months. If you were to try and leave Verizon or cancel or something, I’m going to assume they’ll charge you for the rest of whatever you own on each phone. To know how we really feel about these types of deals, here’s a classic related post.

We’re big fans of the Pixel 5, though, so don’t take this as me pushing you away from taking advantage of this deal. If you plan to stick with Verizon for a while, this does amount to a free phone.

Shop Pixel 5 at Verizon

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