Get the new multicolored Gmail icon with this update (APK Download)

Earlier this month, Google announced the rebranding of G Suite to Workspace and gave us a sneak peek at new — and indistinguishable — icon designs for some of its apps. The first app to get the new icon was Google Drive a few days ago, and now Gmail is following suit. Say goodbye to the red and white envelope, and hello to a multicolored M that partly retains the letter shape.

The new icon is included with v2020.10.04 of Gmail, which is slowly rolling out on the Play Store. If you want to speed up the process, you can manually grab the APK from our sister site, APK Mirror. Two versions are available, but you should grab the universal one that’ll work on pretty much every Android 6.0 device and above, regardless of processor and screen resolution. It will easily install over your existing Gmail app, no workarounds needed.

(However, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and have a compatible arm64 v8a or v7a device with a 320-640dpi, you can download the app bundle and use the APK Mirror app to install it. No one but you will know it, but you’ll have earned some special geek cred.)

Get the new multicolored Gmail icon with this update (APK Download) Get the new multicolored Gmail icon with this update (APK Download)

Once installed, the new icon should take over the existing one in your app launcher and various menus, but also in the notification bar. You can see the new M notification icon in the screenshots above. It’ll take some getting used to, but at least it’s still red.

And with that, one more Google app will have finished its transition into an indiscernible mix of blue, red, green, and yellow lines. If you have a folder dedicated to Google apps like I do, I wish you all the luck in the world in finding the one you’re looking for as quickly as possible.



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