Google Pay just added 12 more US banks to its list of supported institutions

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  • Google Pay just added 12 more US banks to its list of supported institutions

It’s difficult to overstate the long-term effort Google’s been making to get more and more financial institutions signed up to work with Google Pay. A couple years back we were talking about the day its list of US banks might hit a cool 2,000 — a milestone that’s in the distant rear-view at this point. And while you might think it would simply run out of banks eventually, we’re already creeping up on 3,000. Helping us along the way to get there, we’ve got nearly a dozen new banks joining the club.

Across the month of June we saw some 40 new banks register their support for Google Pay, and while we’ve got quite a way to go to hit a similar figure in July, these 11 new additions certainly give us a nice place to start:

  • Americana Community Bank (MN)
  • Animas Credit Union (MN)
  • Bank of Alapaha (GA)
  • Finex Credit Union (CT)
  • First Harrison Bank (IN)
  • Frandsen Bank & Trust (MN)
  • GPA Credit Union (GA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (IA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (MN)
  • Heritage Community Bank (MO)
  • Hiawatha Bank and Trust Company (IA)
  • Stride Bank (OK)

Doesn’t add up to 11 for you, either? Well, Google Pay supported Glenwood State Bank before, but neglected to specify which state that was. That means one of them here is new, but we can’t quite say which.

17 more

We’ve still got a week or so left in July, and hitting that 40 target is looking more and more plausible, as Google adds 17 more banks to its list, bringing our monthly total up to 28.

  • Altamaha Bank & Trust (GA)
  • Buena Vista National Bank (IL)
  • Camino Federal Credit Union (CA)
  • Century Heritage Federal Credit Union (PA)
  • Concordia Bank (MO)
  • Ferguson Federal Credit Union (MS)
  • First National Bank (OH)
  • Front Royal Federal Credit Union (VA)
  • Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (PA)
  • North Alabama Bank (AL)
  • North American Banking Company (MN)
  • Pathfinder Federal Credit Union (WY)
  • R Bank (TX)
  • Roscoe State Bank (TX)
  • Southern Teachers & Parents Federal Credit Union (LA)
  • West Shore Bank Corporation (MI)
  • Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union (TX)

18 new

Well, Google didn’t give us another update on supported Pay banks before July was out, but this week we’re seeing the first new August entries arrive. We’re off to a strong start with 18 banks making the cut:

  • bankcda (ID)
  • Calhoun Liberty Employees Credit Union (FL)
  • Energy Plus Credit Union (IN)
  • First American Bank and Trust (LA)
  • First National Bank of Hughes Springs (TX)
  • First State Bank & Trust (MN)
  • Greenfield Banking Co. (IN)
  • Henderson State Bank
  • High Plains Bank (CO)
  • Kearney Trust Company (MO)
  • Kish Bank (PA)
  • Members First Credit Union (MI)
  • My Pensacola Credit Union (FL)
  • Peoples State Bank (KS)
  • Security Bank & Trust Co. (MN)
  • Texas Trust Credit Union (TX)
  • The State National Bank of Big Spring (TX)
  • Valley Central Bank (OH)

17 more

The past two weeks have seen Google Pay pick up support for 17 new institutions. That seems to be pretty par for the course with the pace we’ve been seeing so far this summer. Say what you will about the second law of thermodynamics, but nothing here is showing any sign of slowing down:

  • Allied Healthcare Federal Credit Union (CA)
  • Astra Bank (KS)
  • Blue Foundry Bank (NJ)
  • Central State Credit Union (CA)
  • Community First Bank (LA)
  • Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (IA)
  • Filer Credit Union (MI)
  • First Southern Bank (AL)
  • GR Consumers Credit Union (MI)
  • Herring Bank (TX)
  • Mid America Bank (MO)
  • Moog Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Peoples Independent Bank (AL)
  • Texas Republic Bank (TX)
  • United Community Bank of North Dakota (ND)
  • Upstate Federal Credit Union
  • XCEL Federal Credit Union

Again with the 17

Some people will tell you that the number 42 is the ultimate answer, but if Google Pay had anything to say about it, we’re thinking that number would be more like 17. Despite that one little 18 outlier, we have got a nice streak going of Pay updates where Google brings support to 17 more banks. And today the streak just continues:

  • Bank of Columbia (KY)
  • CFCU Community Credit Union (NY)
  • Calhoun County Bank, Inc. (WV)
  • ELCA Federal Credit Union (IL)
  • ESB Bank (MN)
  • Embers Credit Union (MI)
  • FNB of Louisiana (LA)
  • First United Credit Union
  • GHA Federal Credit Union (CT)
  • IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union
  • Ipava State Bank (IL)
  • Lenco Credit Union (MI)
  • Lincoln County Credit Union (MT)
  • Peoples Bank of Altenburg (MO)
  • Red Crown Credit Union (OK)
  • State Savings Bank (IA)
  • Tri-Valley Bank (IA)

What, just 12?

Hold on, hold on, hold on. We had a good thing going here, Google Pay. You’d add support for 17 (or 18) new banks, and then we’d tell people about those 17 (or 18) banks. This was working great for weeks. It was our thing.

Well, apparently someone’s feeling a little independent at the moment, and has decided to prematurely publish a list of … 12 new financial institutions. Hardly worth your time, right?

Technically there are 13 listed here, but one of those First Community Credit Unions isn’t new-new (your guess which). Honestly we’re just so upset at not getting 17, we’re going to need some time to think about all this.

  • Bank of Louisiana (MO)
  • Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank (CT)
  • First Community Credit Union (MO)
  • First Community Credit Union (ND)
  • First Security Bank (MN)
  • Flagship Bank Minnesota (MN)
  • Guardian Credit Union (MS)
  • Laurens State Bank (IA)
  • Miami Savings Bank (OH)
  • Security Savings Bank (IL)
  • Tendto Credit Union (PA)
  • The Commercial Bank of Ozark (AL)
  • UT Federal Credit Union (TN)

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