MicroSD cards are up to 25% off in one-day Amazon storage sale

It hasn’t been long since the last big Amazon sale on storage, but the online gigaretailer is back at it with another huge crop of deals on SD cards, flash drives, and more. Today only, you can catch up to 25 percent off all kinds of digital storage accessories — including a meaty discount on a one-terabyte MicroSD card.

Some of the better deals include the aforementioned terabyte SanDisk MicroSD card for $183 — $77 less than usual — and a 200-gigabyte card for $24. There’s also a few flash drives, and a whole bunch of hard drives and SSDs. The full list is below.

Memory cards

Flash drives

Hard drives and SSDs

These prices are all good until midnight tonight, Pacific time. Every item on sale is linked here, or you can check out the general sale page below.

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