Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global

Back in March, we learned that Nintendo had teamed up with Niantic to create a new augmented reality game for mobile, Niantic's bread and butter. Pikmin was chosen as the skin for this Niantic game (though there was no offical title at the time), and at the end of March the first public test was launched in Singapore. This AR game is now known as Pikmin Bloom, and its global release has already started rolling out in Australia and Singapore, with a wider rollout planned for the coming days. Despite the fact those of us in the West still can't play, it's clear that Pikmin Bloom's design revolves around the act of walking (much like a step counter) in order to grow Pikmin by making flowers bloom as you walk. In classic Niantic fashion, the company has created a free-to-play game with in-app purchases that range up to $99.99 per item, all without ever describing what these purchases are for.

Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global
Nintendo's first Pikmin mobile game is going global

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