OnePlus 8T teardown by JerryRigEverything reveals two batteries and thermal paste galore

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  • OnePlus 8T teardown by JerryRigEverything reveals two batteries and thermal paste galore

A new phone debut typically means another new JerryRigEverything torture test, and that’s indeed the case with the OnePlus 8T. Zack from JerryRigEverything has already taken some picks and blades to OnePlus’s latest flagship, and it fares about as well as one would expect.

As far as JerryRigEverything durability tests go, this OP8T test went about as regularly as they come. As usual, the screen scratches at a Mohs level 6, “with deeper grooves at a level 7.” The chassis and buttons are all metal, though the same can’t be said for the speaker grille up top (it’s plastic). The SIM tray is revealed to be sealed against water, which makes sense. Zack does note that the fingerprint sensor often didn’t want to recognize his fingerprints, even though the portion of screen that the sensor is under wasn’t scratched.

The video ends with relatively successful burn test and bend tests; the chassis has some flex, but nothing cracks or kinks. It’s noted several times that the 8T is a fine phone, but nothing worth upgrading from if you already have the 8; this seems to be the case with most OnePlus -T phones. You can view the video in full via the embed above or the link below.

Teardown video

Zack has now published a teardown video for the OnePlus 8T, giving us a good look at what’s underneath the outside casing. The new video shows off the two combined battery cells, each with a capacity of 2,200m-2,250mAh, which allows the phone’s 60W wired charging to work. This wasn’t a secret, but it’s still interesting to see in person.

The rest of the teardown isn’t too eventful, except that the OnePlus 8T uses a copious amount of thermal paste around the motherboard, battery, and camera modules. The paste, alongside the vapor chamber cooling system, should help keep the phone at safer temperatures for longer periods.

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