TheFuture.FM is a music producer’s new best friend.

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  • TheFuture.FM is a music producer’s new best friend.

Music producers today are not paid what they’re worth. It’s a well-known fact that the money is in performing.

There’s been an exodus of music producers turned DJ. It’s no wonder why: making music is simply not profitable. You could even go so far as to say that making music can’t even pay the bills – and you’d be right. DJing, however, can be highly profitable. Take some of the world’s biggest producer DJs, such as Tiesto or even some lesser-known artists such as Baylienz, who all get paid top dollar to perform around the world. These DJs were once producers just like the rest of us, but they took the dive and became performers as well.

The performing lifestyle isn’t for everybody – so So what are all of us music producers to do? TheFuture heard your call and has stepped up as a solution for this industry-wide issue.

DJs need music to perform. Producers need money to survive. DJs buy music from producers – but usually the big labels take all of the profits, leaving artists with peanuts. TheFuture has taken one of the middle men out of the equation making producing music profitable.

How much can you make as a producer on TheFuture? That all depends on how popular the platform becomes. Of course, there needs to be DJs signed up to download music for there to even be any money exchanged. But before DJs will sign up, there needs to be music to download.

So what’s the best solution? Get in while it’s early. Get your music uploaded on TheFuture while they are in beta so you can be one of the first to profit when the subscribers come.

You can check out TheFuture.FM – sign up with them and upload your music. And DJs, check them out too. Since their platform is going to be uber-profitable for producers, its only a matter of time before everybody has their music posted there for unlimited download.


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